Botox Center of Excellence

Botox Center of Excellence

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Edward Fruitman, M.D., and his team at Trifecta Med Spa are proud to announce their prestigious distinction as a ‘Top 250’-level member with Allergan Partner Privileges and Botox Center of Excellence, an elite title earned by a deep commitment to excellence and highest-quality patient care.

No matter how large or small the change, we at Trifecta Med Spa are committed to providing the superior care our clients desire and deserve.


Dr. Edward Fruitman M.D., upon founding Trifecta Med Spa in 2012, carefully selected a team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals expertly trained in non-invasive procedures and acquired the latest aesthetic equipment.

With extensive experience and dedication to safe, personalized patient care, Dr. Fruitman’s team utilizes the latest techniques and modern technology, making Trifecta Med Spa a leading destination for aesthetic non-invasive services in New York.

Dr. Fruitman routinely speaks at meetings and conferences across the U.S. and internationally, and Trifecta’s clinical team hosts training seminars to help other clinics master new technology and refine their skills.

Team at Trifecta Med Spa and Edward Fruitman, M.D., are proud to announce their prestigious distinction as a ‘Top 250’-level member with Allergan Partner Privileges.  What does it mean? It means Trifecta Med Spa is among the top 1% of all Botox and Juvederm providers in the United States.

Don’t worry, be happy

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 “Don’t worry, be happy”


Have you ever been told that when you’re feeling down?


Like it’s that simple.


If you are nodding your head, the chances are that you probably wanted to scream at the person who said it to you, because it was really so simple to be happy, why are you feeling so low?


Depression is a very misunderstood condition, but the worrying thing is that it is common these days. Most of us will experience a bout of depression at some stage in our lives, and that can be anything from minor, moderate, ranging up to severe. There is nothing ‘wishy washy’ about depression, it is a very real and serious thing, and the more you hear ‘don’t worry, be happy’, the more you want to punch somebody in the face.


Incidentally, don’t punch anyone, it’s not advisable. Instead, turn your attention the positive side of working to feel better. This might feel like a huge mountain to climb, but there are many treatment options available for depression – all you need to do is hold out your hand and ask for help.


Here at Trifecta Med Spa, we totally understand depression; to us, there is nothing misunderstood about it. Under the watchful and highly expert eye of Dr. Edward Fruitman M.D., we have several methods of treatment available, which are all personalized to the individual we are seeing. Nobody is the same, and that means that one treatment method is not going to fit all. We range from the regular, i.e. antidepressant medication, to the more seemingly obscure – one of those treatment options is Botox.


You’re probably wondering if we’ve gone off on a tangent here, but bear with us.


There is a very real link between depression, and self-esteem. The lower you feel, the more south your self-esteem goes, and conversely, the lower your self-esteem, the worse you feel about generally everything in life. Now, if you can change your appearance, which has a direct correlation with confidence levels, then you start to feel better on the inside. As you start to feel better, that confidence boost kicks out depression to a large degree, and gives you a fighting chance to get your life back to a sunnier place.


botox-for-depressionBotox is not just a cosmetic procedure, it is something which has a very real psychological impact.

At Trifecta Health, one of our treatment options for depression is Botox, and we discuss with the person to see if this is something that would fit their needs. Not every form of depression is linked with appearance, but many are. If this is the case, and we feel that Botox could help, then a tailored treatment plan can be drawn up, and treatment can begin.

The effects of Botox are fast, with a noticeable change after just one week. As that snowball effect begins to gather momentum, confidence also rapidly starts to change.


So, the next time you hear those dreaded words, don’t threaten violence; instead, give us a call and put your own plan of action into place. Before you know it, those words will be but a distant memory.


Call Trifecta Med Spa for your free Botox consultation at (800) 757-4026

Botox for Christmas!

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Botox Christmas Deal in NYC at Trifecta Med Spa


Get yourself a gift of youthful appearance.

We all want to stop the ticking clock of aging, and whilst we certainly can’t do anything about the actual aging process, we can do something about it looks on our faces.

Have you ever considered Botox?

You’ve probably heard of Botox, but you might have a false impression of it. Put simply, provided Botox is administered by a highly skilled and qualified practitioner, it can do a lot for a person’s appearance, quality of life, and self-esteem.

What is Botox and how can it help me?

Everyone has seen photos on TV or in magazines of celebrities have who have got a little over the top when it comes to their Botox habit, but this is not the typical or correct appearance of a high quality Botox treatment. The real appearance should be natural, youthful, and fresh, as opposed to frozen and static.

Here at Trifecta Med Spa we are committed to helping the people and visitors to NYC in their endeavors to win the battle with that ticking clock, perhaps just in time for party season, which is just around the corner. Get the best Botox Deal in New York Now at Trifecta Med Spa.

Botox is a substance which is injected into certain areas, and works to reduce the activity of muscles, the muscles which are generally responsible for the development of fine lines and wrinkles. When this reduction occurs, the wrinkles are reduced or stopped completely, hence the more youthful look.

The most common areas to have Botox are on the forehead, where lines form, and around the eyes, to reduce what is known as ‘crow’s feet’. The results usually appear a few days after the treatment, and last for up to 4 months, with maintenance injections required after that to keep the effects in place.

Despite the common areas for Botox injections, this can be used elsewhere too, including for facial slimming or jaw reduction, brow lifts, to eliminate cleavage wrinkles, to reduce excessive sweating, eradicate a gummy smile, neck bands, smoker lines, a dimpled chin, and even to reduce calf muscles and give the appearance of slimmer legs.

As you can see, Botox is certainly flexible!

A bad reputation?

Yes, when Botox is injected incorrectly and used too much, it does give a very false and frozen appearance to a person’s face, but when done correctly, it looks fantastically natural and youthful. Here at Trifecta Med Spa New York, we have a team of highly trained and helpful staff, who are all waiting on your call to discuss your particular treatment options. We pride ourselves on our individual treatment process, which means we sit down and discuss with every single person who walks through our doors, to identify their problem, and the potential solution, tailor-making the correct plan for them.

If you want to be refreshed in time for the festive season, and stop that ticking clock of visible aging, don’t hesitate to give us a call today, and look forward to a fresher, and more youthful appearance for the New Year.

Click on the link and get the best Botox Deal Now at Trifecta Med Spa!

Botox and Juvederm Treatments at Trifecta

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Botox and Juvederm injections are the most popular treatments at Trifecta Med Spa NYC.

botox-treatment-nycAt Trifecta, we only use brand name, FDA approved Botox and Juvederm from Allergan USA. All Botox treatment are administered by our specially trained injectors. Dr. Edward Fruitman, MD is the Medical Director and founder of Trifecta Med Spa.

With Trifecta you can stop the formation of wrinkles and lines by regular sessions of Botox, or Juvederm, and you’re one step ahead.

Unfortunately for us, there’s such as thing as wrinkles memory – yes, they seem to think for themselves too. They will come back, so a good idea is to have another Botox treatment top-up every three months, decreasing to four months, then down to six months after around three years.

Botox and Juvederm treatments can be done quickly, easily and relatively pain-free, and even in your lunch hour! Can you think of any better way to spend your break? Trifecta Med Spa in New York caters for your wrinkle battling needs with ease, and the best thing? You’ll see results almost instantly!

An instant way to turn back time? You’ve found it.

Call Trifecta Med Spa at (212) 600-4112 for your next Botox and Juvederm treatment in NYC!

What expect during Botox treatment NYC?

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botox-injections-nycDoctors and Injectors at Trifecta Med Spa NYC have been using Botox for years to successfully treat wrinkles and facial creases.

If you new to Botox treatment here are some information of what to expect during 15-20 minutes Botox treatment session.

Botox treatment steps:

  • You will be asked to remove any makeup before our Trifecta Med Spa doctor starts injecting Botox. This will help our Botox specialist see and avoid the veins at injection sites that are prone to bruising.
  • During the procedure you will be placed in a comfortable sitting position. The areas to be treated will be cleansed with alcohol swabs.
  • Just before the injections doctor at Trifecta Med Spa NYC will ask you to repeatedly contract and relax your problematic muscles and then will assess the thickness and quality of your skin, the thickness and size of the underlying muscles, and determine the most appropriate Botox dose and best points for the injections.
  • Finally our NYC Botox doctor at Trifecta Med Spa will inject the targeted muscles with the finest possible needle, thus minimizing discomfort and bruising. In the unlikely event that skin bleeding occurs, you will be asked to apply manual point pressure. This helps minimize the extent of bruising. Makeup may be applied right after the Botox treatment.

Very popular these days, Botox has quickly become one of the most popular treatments around. It only takes around 15-20 minutes for one-stop procedure.

Dr. Fruitman, M.D., and his team at Trifecta Med Spa are proud to announce their prestigious distinction as a ‘Top 250’-level member with Allergan Partner Privileges.  It means Trifecta Med Spa is among the top 1% of all Botox and Juvederm providers in the United States.

Trifecta Med Spa are so grateful to all our patients for their loyalty and referrals, which helped us achieve this honor.

This latest achievement puts Trifecta Med Spa NYC in to the top percent nationwide of aesthetic practices offering injectable treatments of Botox, Juvederm, Juvederm Voluma, Juvederm Volbella and Kybella.

Call Trifecta Med Spa today! (212) 600-4112 and get more youthful appearance with Botox treatment NYC.

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