“Don’t worry, be happy”


Have you ever been told that when you’re feeling down?


Like it’s that simple.


If you are nodding your head, the chances are that you probably wanted to scream at the person who said it to you, because it was really so simple to be happy, why are you feeling so low?


Depression is a very misunderstood condition, but the worrying thing is that it is common these days. Most of us will experience a bout of depression at some stage in our lives, and that can be anything from minor, moderate, ranging up to severe. There is nothing ‘wishy washy’ about depression, it is a very real and serious thing, and the more you hear ‘don’t worry, be happy’, the more you want to punch somebody in the face.


Incidentally, don’t punch anyone, it’s not advisable. Instead, turn your attention the positive side of working to feel better. This might feel like a huge mountain to climb, but there are many treatment options available for depression – all you need to do is hold out your hand and ask for help.


Here at Trifecta Med Spa, we totally understand depression; to us, there is nothing misunderstood about it. Under the watchful and highly expert eye of Dr. Edward Fruitman M.D., we have several methods of treatment available, which are all personalized to the individual we are seeing. Nobody is the same, and that means that one treatment method is not going to fit all. We range from the regular, i.e. antidepressant medication, to the more seemingly obscure – one of those treatment options is Botox.


You’re probably wondering if we’ve gone off on a tangent here, but bear with us.


There is a very real link between depression, and self-esteem. The lower you feel, the more south your self-esteem goes, and conversely, the lower your self-esteem, the worse you feel about generally everything in life. Now, if you can change your appearance, which has a direct correlation with confidence levels, then you start to feel better on the inside. As you start to feel better, that confidence boost kicks out depression to a large degree, and gives you a fighting chance to get your life back to a sunnier place.


botox-for-depressionBotox is not just a cosmetic procedure, it is something which has a very real psychological impact.

At Trifecta Health, one of our treatment options for depression is Botox, and we discuss with the person to see if this is something that would fit their needs. Not every form of depression is linked with appearance, but many are. If this is the case, and we feel that Botox could help, then a tailored treatment plan can be drawn up, and treatment can begin.

The effects of Botox are fast, with a noticeable change after just one week. As that snowball effect begins to gather momentum, confidence also rapidly starts to change.


So, the next time you hear those dreaded words, don’t threaten violence; instead, give us a call and put your own plan of action into place. Before you know it, those words will be but a distant memory.


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