botox-injections-nycDoctors and Injectors at Trifecta Med Spa NYC have been using Botox for years to successfully treat wrinkles and facial creases.

If you new to Botox treatment here are some information of what to expect during 15-20 minutes Botox treatment session.

Botox treatment steps:

  • You will be asked to remove any makeup before our Trifecta Med Spa doctor starts injecting Botox. This will help our Botox specialist see and avoid the veins at injection sites that are prone to bruising.


  • During the procedure you will be placed in a comfortable sitting position. The areas to be treated will be cleansed with alcohol swabs.


  • Just before the injections doctor at Trifecta Med Spa NYC will ask you to repeatedly contract and relax your problematic muscles and then will assess the thickness and quality of your skin, the thickness and size of the underlying muscles, and determine the most appropriate Botox dose and best points for the injections.


  • Finally our NYC Botox doctor at Trifecta Med Spa will inject the targeted muscles with the finest possible needle, thus minimizing discomfort and bruising. In the unlikely event that skin bleeding occurs, you will be asked to apply manual point pressure. This helps minimize the extent of bruising. Makeup may be applied right after the Botox treatment.

Very popular these days, Botox has quickly become one of the most popular treatments around. It only takes around 15-20 minutes for one-stop procedure.

Call Trifecta Med Spa today! (212) 600-4112 and get more youthful appearance with Botox treatment NYC.

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